"The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor"

- Isaiah 61:1


For 15 years we have been blessed with letters from the inmates we serve, motivating us to continue the mission God has called us to do.


"The ministry is helpful to me because I have found the Lord and gotten closer to him. Every week I learn a new bible verse. I also love doing the work sheets that we get every week. The ministry gives me an opportunity to talk to someone who is really closer to God than I am and knows more about the word."


"It has been very helpful in so many ways, the songs and the preaching. I have opened my eyes and my heart to Jesus. I just found out I am going home and I will walk out of these doors with Jesus in my heart. So I thank you, but most of all I thank Jesus."


"This is obviously an extremely hopeless and discouraging place. The feelings of guilt and self-loathing have been ever-present reminders of my poor choices and failed past endeavors. There are really no words for how the ministry has helped me. I am encouraged when told that there is hope and that God has a purpose even in my life. The ministry has helped me to realize that as a child of God, I am worthy because HE SAYS I AM. I can rest assure  'that this too shall pass'. I cannot pinpoint any particular part of this ministry that is most beneficial becuase every aspect is important and worthwhile to me personally.  Wonderfull to are the women who sacrafice various parts of their own lives to teach us about our loving, forgiving God and His precious son Jesus Christ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


Freedom Forever ministers to my heart, soul and mind. I receive an understanding, a peace of mind, as well as gain knowledge and wisdom each and every Wednesday through the music and the Word. The heartfelt compassion and sense of oneness that you feel with Freedom is enamored by Jesus Christ. I am grateful and appreciate to feel that in a place like this!"